Thug Kitchen Cookbook is back with their sequel (Video)

Thug Kitchen Cookbook is back with their sequel (Video)

For all the fans of the original Thug Kitchen Cookbook, the famed ass kicking cookback is back with a sequel. This time, for the party goers. Check out what they have to say about this new one and watch the trailer for it below.

Our first book got you cooking tasty plant based meals at home but what the fuck are you supposed to do at a party where the only options are room-temperature hotdogs and baby carrots? We know everyone wants to give a fuck about what they’re eating but people start making culinary compromises real quick in groups. That’s where our new book comes in.

This book is going to help you party your ass off without damaging your waist or your wallet with healthy meals, casseroles, sides, and snacks you’ll actually want to show off. So fill your cup and pile up your plate ‘cause we’re gonna have one of those nights. 

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