Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Shows A Different Side Of Herself on “I Know I Know”

Siya – I Know I Know (Audio)

Everybody’s ears are perked up for Young M.A right now but if you think that’s where the buck stops then you’re sadly mistaken. Sisterhood of Hip Hop star Siya dropped her fire ass track I Know I Know and she bussin! Read more about the track here:

A star of Oxygen’s Sisterhood of Hip Hop, Siya has already captured national attention, mostly by bullying tracks with her aggressive yet conversational flow. In the run up to her upcoming debut album SIYAvsSIYA, the Bed-Stuy native shows her versatility with the somber “I Know I Know.” Opening with solemn piano, the track fills in with a rumbling bass and the distant clap of snares, allowing Siya to demonstrate a more laid back side of her. Even in her more relaxed state Siya is realer than most, promising those who want to be a thug that she’ll send them back where they came from.  “I Know I Know” follows up the more sinister “My Sons,” a boastful track dedicated to Siya’s squad premiered by Mass Appeal, as the second single off of SIYAvsSIYA, releasing December 9th.

Listen to I Know I Know from Siya and tell us what you think in the comments!



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