RocC$tar – Habits (Mixtape)

RocC$tar – Habits (Mixtape)

Young Brooklyn, New York rapper RocC$tar has some big shoes to fill. Having stated some of the greats as his influence, he drops his latest mixtape Habits. Read more about the release below:

A Passion for Music and heavy influences from The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Jay-Z and Nas, led Brooklyn rapper, RocC$tar,  to become the artist he is. Today RocC$tar wants to introduce his debut project Habits which features 10 brand new songs including stand out tracks “Stress Free” and “Drug Habit.” Habits also features production by Quest X, Jahlil Beats, Johnny Crooks and MKSB, King Faro.

Give it a listen. Then drop a comment below with your thoughts.

Check out Habits from RocC$tar.

RocC$tar - Habits (Mixtape)

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