Prob Cause – Waves (Mixtape Review)

Prob Cause – Waves (Mixtape Review)

by Lac Martin

I’m back one mo gin bringing you some hip hop you might not know about.

This time I’m listening to Prob Cause‘s mixtape Waves. This joint is sooooooo hip hop I thought I was in 2004 for a sec.

First of all, can I ask Chi Town a question? CAN A NIGGA BE DOWN?!?! Damn. They got a lot going on right now and this project is no different. Very, very old school feel to this one. It has a homemade feel to it with mainstream production backing that feel. I would recommend that anyone who enjoyed J. Dilla and early Kanye check this one out.

Some good tracks to peep would be Meditate and LSD feat Chance the Rapper.

Hip hop heads gonna dig this one.

Prob Cause - Waves (Mixtape Review)

ProbCause – WAVES EP

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