Maxo Cream ft. Key! – Out The Door (Audio)

Maxo Cream ft. Key! – Out The Door (Audio)

Houston motormouth Maxo Kream made splashes earlier this year with his MAXO 187 project, and now he’s back with a collaboration with Atlanta rapper Key!, “Out the Door.” Produced by Wolfe De Mchls, “Out the Door” is exactly as it sounds – Maxo boasts about selling drugs, all you have to do is ring his doorbell. “I made the song just being tired of roachin’ ass niggas in my trap spot, the ones that try to smoke all your shit before they go home and smoke their shit,” Maxo Kream explained to Complex, adding that the session was done on drugs in an L.A. studio. The Houston-bred Crip-turned-rapper goes “from a one to a metric ton” before he passes the baton to Key! for the song’s second verse.

Maxo Cream ft. Key! - Out The Door (Audio)

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