MAHD – Spaz City (Audio)

MAHD – Spaz City (Audio)

After releasing a slew a sharp tracks over the past few months (Raw Shit, Out, Raptizm, and Rap Better), Detroit Hip Hop artist MAHD releases a new loose single to keep the buzz going for his upcoming album 13. Read more about the Yola Gang produced song below:

“Spaz City” is a banger driven by MAHD’s ruthless rhymes that rip through the production by Yola Gang, which features a stampeding string arrangement with a tidal wave of rumbling percussion. MAHD’s confidence is backed up by his bars, as he raps “Venom I’m spittin’ ain’t ever been written/ tried to tell ’em once, they ain’t wanna listen/ crack I’m spittin’, they ain’t wanna sniff it/ young to the old, it don’t make a difference, anyone could get it,” staking his claim one of Motor City’s toughest MC’s. MAHD has his mind focused on the game, ready to take on the hip-hop world with no room for mediocracy. He’s all about staying true to his art-focusing on sharp lyrics and delivery, taking hip-hop back to its core.

Peep out Spaz City from MAHD produced by Yola Gang below.

MAHD - Spaz City (Audio)

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