MAHD – Can’t Believe/Road Trip (Audio)

MAHD – Can’t Believe/Road Trip (Audio)

For MAHD to be an underground artist, he sure doesn’t sound like it at times. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. What I mean is he sounds like a seasoned veteran in the game. Evident on his latest double release, Can’t Believe/Road Trip. Check out more on this release below:

With his concept album, 13, releasing March 2nd, Detroit rapper MAHD has continued his #MAHDMondays series of releases with “Can’t Believe/Road Trip.” The album’s fourth single finds the rapper delving into a personal and emotional story, starting in the middle of an argument, telling how and why things have gone bad and how he can’t believe he’s finding himself in the situation he’s in. “‘Can’t Believe’ takes place in the beginning of the story,” explains MAHD, adding that it’s “telling what happened that caused me to leave town and clear my head. It’s the start of the 13 story.”

Check out the latest from MAHD, Can’t Believe/Road Trip.

MAHD - Can't Believe/Road Trip (Audio)

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