Joi Liaye – Timeline (Audio)

Joi Liaye – Timeline (Audio)

The singer known as Joi Liaye drops her latest Timeline, which she says is her reason why she can’t Netflix and Chill with you. Read more about this release here:

In what she says is her reason for not being able to Netflix and chill with you, Joi’s single, Timeline, is a reflection of ​her mindset. 

It is a mellow song with a deep meaning. We are all on this “timeline” in life. You can either let people distract you OR you can stay focused on what you’re here to do. In this case, Joi is describing her experiences with men who want her time but she can’t afford to get off track with the wrong one.​

Check out Joi Liaye new track Timeline and leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Joi Liaye - Timeline (Audio)

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