The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies (Trailer)

The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies (Trailer)

First off, I don’t want to hear your shit. I been a fan of Peter Jackson‘s take on the LOTR trilogy as well as the new Hobbit trilogy. I remember being a kid watching the animated film and being glued to the TV with my sugar filled Froot Loops. Even though it was released before my time back in 1977 (I’m an 80’s baby), it still had a huge impact on my imagination. When I looked up the run time on the animated film it was 77 minutes. Bruh, I said 77 minutes. I’m not sure how Petey was able to stretch out this story over a 3 hour apiece trilogy, especially when I know all the spoilers (Thorin dies) but it seems to be working.

Watch the premiere of the new teaser trailer and don’t act like you didn’t want to see Legolas fuck shit up again, douche.

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