Havana Seoul – SEOULSZN (EP)

Havana Seoul – SEOULSZN (EP)

Been waiting on a new project from Havana Seoul. I caught this one late but I’m always up on that new new fool.

Previously, Havana Seoul released her short EP Vigilante and I was highly impressed. Today, you’ll get to hear SEOULSZN. Peep what she had to say about this new release:

This past year has been a time of growth for me and consequently the brand that I’m crafting, Havana Seoul. With that said I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with my sound. SeoulSZN is what that exploration sounds like. It’s summer car ride, pre-game music. It’s what it feels like doing 95 on I-95.

Check out Havana Seoul‘s SEOULSZN and leave some feedback on this one below. (Make sure you tell her to email me next time she drops.)

Havana Seoul - SEOULSZN (EP)

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