EP 032: Kanye vs Jay Z, Drake vs Pusha T, Azealia vs Russell Crowe & The Walking Dead (Podcast)

EP 032: Kanye vs Jay Z, Drake vs Pusha T, Azealia vs Russell Crowe & The Walking Dead (Podcast)


In this episode we talk about the Kanye West & Jay Z beef and what the issue might be. What would happen with a Watch The Throne 2, what would’ve been the sequel to Niggas in Paris and more.

We also talked about the debate last week, bad hombres, why people don’t like Donald Trump and some of the Wikileaks coming out against Hillary Clinton. DDoS attacks shut down big parts of the internet and we don’t like it. And when conservative media creates the war between media and truth.

We also talk the Drake & Pusha T beef that seems to be brewing and why Pusha T most likely won’t come out victorious, even though he’ll be the better rapper.

We also speak about the new track from Eminem called Campaign Speech and why people will hate it and others love it.

We talk about the Azealia Banks versus Russell Crowe incident, her past twitter beefs and did Crowe really call Azealia a racial slur when he spit on her?

The director has left from Deadpool and Bigg UU hasn’t even seen it yet. Riffa isn’t happy about it. And we also find out Riffa doesn’t like watching movies with subtitles.

We also get into the Walking Dead season 7 premiere where Negan has violently killed some characters from the core cast. We take a couple shots in remembrance. Everyone is distraught about it.

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