EP 026: Hillary Clinton, Bobby Shmurda, Lil Wayne & more! (Podcast)



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In this episode, we try and figure out if Hillary Clinton is a robot or a body double and we talk Donald Trump’s ‘basket of deplorables.’

We talk about the Pablo Escobar family coming for Netflix, how good of show is Narcos and how much of it is really real.

We also talk Bobby Shmurda getting 7 years after a plea deal and old heads trying sell dope and do gangster shit at an old age. We also talk the Nas Album Done video, reminisce off of Ox from Belly and the rise of Bevel.

We also discuss giving Lil Wayne’s new track Grateful and his legendary status. Does he deserve to be mentioned with the legends?

We also talk about the latest clip from Luke Cage featuring a dope shot with a Biggie poster. Riffa also talks about going to watch the movie Don’t Breathe, and we ask the age old question: Would you rather be deaf or blind?

And did Kanye West kill gangster rap? We got a little Cowboys and 49ers talk but expect more as the NFL season progresses!

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